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Austria, EUROPE
May 2001
Blues Money review

Blues Money is the album previous to the excellent Conversation With The Blues . Canadian-born Michael Pickett has travelled the blues highway for over three decades and Blues Money shows great artistry. First there´s his voice which has a recognizable, intense timbre. Few can sing like Michael Pickett. Furthermore, there is world class harmonica playing which is often accompanied by thrilling horns. Michael Pickett seems to be at home in many styles. You can hear sweating urban blues as well as New-Orleans-swamp-flavoured songs like the title track that would easily suit Willy DeVille or Dr. John. The Sweetest Sound is an outstanding pop-blues-ballad with high commercial appeal and 1988 shows Pickett´s boogie feeling. Michael Pickett is without a doubt a great songwriter. For example, the song Blues Money must be counted as a classic blues song by all means.

Whenever you get a chance to see Michael Pickett live, don´t hesitate. In the meantime listen to Blues Money and Conversation With The Blues.

Dietmar Hoscher


Michael Pickett
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