Raleigh, NC   USA
February 2000
Blues Money review

Michael Pickett is a Blues Harmonica player from Canada that is seasoned and playing what I like to call,"Dangerous Blues and Boogie".  He is playing at a level that is only attained from countless hours/weeks/months/ and decades of getting on down with it.  His band consists of Michael Pickett on vocals-harmonica-guitar, Mike Francis on guitar, Steve Chadwick  on bass, Marty Cordrey on on drums, Doug Romanow & Doug Riley on B-3 organ, John Johnson on sax, Gord Myers on trombone, and Rob Greenway on percussion. Michael's vocals are so easy on the ear, there are soothing tunes,blues and boogie as well. His "Tone" varies from tune to tune,and I like that as opposed to the same thang thru-out the whole CD.  He knows just where to put the licks to make them count, when he has that harp set on "Raunch" it absolutely talks the talk and walks the walk.  As soon as I can I will find out what his set-up is that he uses.

I give this CD a (6 1/2) Harp Salute, powerful harmonica playing, my highest rating. I highly recommend this CD.  Michael has got it going on Bro and sistas!

Steve "Big Daddly BluzHarp" Harvel


Michael Pickett
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