Wallaceburg Courier
Wallaceburg, ON, Canada
April 17, 2002

The Glass Onion Folk Club celebrated another success on Saturday evening, bringing outstanding Toronto bluesman Michael Pickett to town for a house concert here at 201 Margaret. And the house was filled pretty well to capacity to listen as Michael performed some of the most amazing traditional blues music we've heard in Wallaceburg. We've seen some great blues acts over the last number of years, but Michael Pickett brought it all home with the best roots blues we've seen, playing some soul stirring blues harp to accompany the great guitar work and one of the best blues voices I've heard. You could sit and close your eyes and you'd have thought you were somewhere down in the Mississippi Delta in a little, one-room shack, listening to one of the guys who made this music an art form. Absolutely great stuff. Thanks to all the fine local folks who have made these shows go. We had people in town from Port Huron, Windsor, Sarnia and Chatham for the show. Remember, if you're going to get the blues, the Glass Onion is the place to do it.

John Gardiner



Michael Pickett
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